478 Mouse anti-human collagen type I, II and III monoclonal antibody, clone MCI-HA 1 ml

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Monoclonal mouse (murine) antibodies (Clone MCI-HA, IgM fraction) to human Collagen type I, II and III


Binds Human Collagen type I, II and III (native and heat-denatured). Cross-reactivity with human collagen type IV and V below 2%. No reactivity to human plasma proteins


PEG-6000 precipitation and purification by anion-exchange chromatography


Lyophilized from 0.01M sodium phosphate, 0.01M sodium borate, 0.15M sodium chloride, 1% dextran, 1% mannitol, pH 8

Applications and recommended dilutions

Acetone or ethanol-fixed cryostat sections, results of staining of paraffin embedded tissues even after treatment with proteolytic enzymes or microwave are less satisfactory. ELISA (x1000), Immunohistology (x20)


Use 1 ml sterile pure water


Shipping at ambient temperature. Storage of lyophilized antibodies 2 years at -20°C or lower. Storage of reconstituted antibodies 10 days at +4°C