351 Collagen type I (rat) 20 mg

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Rat collagen type I


Rat tail tendon. Collagen was extracted from washed dissected tissue into dilute acetic acid after pepsin treatment. Collagen type I was purified by using differential salt precipitation


Rat collagen type I 90%. Rat collagen type III 10%. Other collagens below 1%. Non-collagen proteins below 0.5%


Lyophilized, salt-free


Partial pepsin digestion in acidic conditions and differential salt precipitation


Rat collagen (type I) standard. Antigen for antibody production. Coating material for cell culture studies. Collagen microfibrils will activate platelets causing aggregation. May not be suitable for 3-D gel formation


Use 0.5 M acetic acid, pH 2.5. Dissolved collagen retains immunologic properties of native collagen. Structure of native collagen confirmed by ability to form microfibrils


Shipping at ambient temperature. Storage 2 years at -20°C or lower


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