879 Mouse anti-human CD61 (beta-integrin, Platelet GPIIIa, VNR beta-chain 3) monoclonal antibody, clone CRC54 1 ml

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Monoclonal antibody anti-human CD61 (integrin beta 3, beta-integrin, Platelet GPIIIa, VNR beta-chain 3) (IgG1 kappa, clone CRC54)


Reacts with platelet glycoprotein gpIIIa/VNR beta chain. This glycoprotein is the common beta chain (beta3 Integrin) of the cytoadhesins, gpIIbIIIa and VNR. Reacts with platelets and megakaryocytes. The antibody reacts preferentially with the activated/occupied form of platelet GPIIb-IIIa (ligand-induced binding site or LIBS epitope) and dissociated form of GPIIIa. CRC54-epitope is located within the N-terminal region of GPIIIa (first 100 amino acids). CRC54 does not react with platelets of patients with Glanzmann thrombastenia


Ammonium sulphate precipitation and DEAE-cellulose chromatography with gradient elution


Purified and lyophilized. Contains azide and PBS. The azide concentration in reconstituted solution is 3 mM

Applications and recommended dilutions

Immunoassay, Immunofluorescence, FACS, IHC (frozen)

Antibody can be used for:

-Determination of thrombocytes in blood.

-Identification of megakaryocytes and -blasts in tissue.

-Immunoblotting under reduced and nonreduced conditions.

-Detection of conformational changes of GPIIb-IIIa on activated platelets


Use 1 ml sterile pure water


Shipping at ambient temperature. Storage of lyophilized antibodies 2 years at -20°C or lower