192 Monoclonal antibody anti-human CD36 (Platelet GPIV, Thrombospondin receptor) 1 ml

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Monoclonal antibody anti-human CD36 (Platelet GPIV, Thrombospondin receptor) (clone VM58, IgG1 kappa fraction)


The monoclonal antibody is directed against the CD36 antigen (GP IV, GP IIIa, Thrombospondin receptor) (90 kDa), which is expressed on human platelets. Antibody reacts with platelets, monocytes, macrophages, erythroblasts and weakly with B-cells. In immunohistology the antibody reacts with some endothelial cells, adypocytes and the granular layer of the skin. Antibody induces Fc-receptor-dependent platelet aggregation after binding to platelet. The heterogeneity of the response found in healthy individuals is dependent on the polymorphism of the Fc RII on platelets


Ammonium sulphate precipitation and DEAE-cellulose chromatography with gradient elution


Purified and lyophilized from PBS with sodium azide. The azide concentration in reconstituted solution is 3 mM


Functional studies. Indirect immunofluorescence. Immunohistochemistry.

For fluorescence technique on cells fixation with 1% paraformaldehyde for 5 minutes is advised. Use for WB is not recommended


Use 1 ml sterile pure water


Shipping at ambient temperature. Storage of lyophilized antibodies 2 years at -20°C or lower


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