425 Collagen type IV (human) 0.1 mg

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Human collagen type IV purified from placenta


Human placenta. Negative for HBsAg, HCV, HIV1 and HIV2


Human collagen type IV 95%. Other human collagens below 5%. Non-collagen proteins below 0.5%


Lyophilized, salt-free


Partial pepsin digestion in acidic conditions and differential salt precipitation


Standard for immunological assays. Antigen for antibody production. Coating material for cell culture studies

Standard for ELISA and dot blotting (1)

Collagen type IV was used  to polarize THP1 monocytes differentiation (2)

Collagen type IV was used at 250 ug/ml for cell attachment in conjugated ECM-PA microarrays (3)

Collagen type IV was used  for fabrication of cell microarrays that were used for studying drug response on lung adenocarcinoma cells (4)

Exogenous collagen IV rescues dying siNotch3 ovarian cancer cells (5)

Human adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) culture on human collagen type IV (7)


Use 0.5 M acetic acid, pH 2.5


Shipping at ambient temperature. Storage 2 years at -20°C or lower


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