170 Goat anti-human IgG polyclonal antibody HRP 1.2 mg

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Article Number: 170

Polyclonal goat antibody anti-human immunoglobulin IgG conjugated to horseradish peroxidase HRP (affinity purified and cross-adsorbed)


Human immunoglobulin IgG. No reactivity against human IgA, IgM, other serum proteins


Purification by affinity chromatography using immobilized IgG. Cross-adsorption against human IgA, IgM and other serum proteins. Purification by gel filtration and anion-exchange chromatography to remove protein aggregates and free peroxidase


Antibody solution 1.2 mg/ml in the buffer (0.1 M sodium chloride, 0.01M sodium phosphate pH 7.5, 50% glycerol, 5 mg/ml BSA)

Applications and recommended dilutions

ELISA (x10000), Immunohistology, Blotting. Dilution should be adjusted to the appropriate task. Do not use azide together with HRP-conjugated products since azide strongly inhibits horseradish peroxidase (HRP)


Shipping at ambient temperature. Storage at -20°C for 1 year